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Hi! I'm Veniz, a Digital Marketing & SEO Specialist at Promet Source.

I built this site because I want to share the resources I've been finding on digital marketing and give my honest feedback on them.

Digital marketing can be extremely overwhelming, and there is no shortage of courses, e-books, blogs, and such that teach how to do X. Many of these are also paid, and so are the tools that feel necessary for successful marketing.

I've definitely gone down the rabbit hole of resources and tools and have spent some money on them, but not all have made a difference in how I do things.


Reviews also don't abound for every single resource I found, so it was difficult for me to tell which would be worth spending money and time on.

If you have any resource you'd like me to review, feel free to contact me. And if you appreciate my work and want to help out, you can support me through sharing my reviews online and buying me coffee. :)

I appreciate you being here!

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