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Digital Marketing Resource Reviews

Hi, kind friend. I review digital marketing resources, be it SEO tools, email marketing courses, tips and tricks on Twitter, and the like.

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Resources can be confusing.

Having a wealth of resources at our disposal is absolutely wonderful. We digital marketers are discovering more ways to do our jobs smarter and better.

Experts are coming out with their own courses and their own tools. Since we want to ensure we're great at what we do, we dive into these head-first.

A lot of these cost a lot of money. Especially when you feel like you have to buy everything.

Thing is—no, you don't.

So I'm reviewing these resources to see how easy to learn they are and most importantly, what the results are once I put them to action.

And I'll show you the best ways to use these resources, so you can maximize the results for yourself.

Welcome to Marketing for the Masses.



Veniz Maja V Guzman

Hello! V here—I’m a Digital Marketing & SEO Specialist with Promet Source. I’m also currently researching epistemic responsibility when it comes to sexual violence.

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Currently reviewing Mark Williams-Cook's The Complete SEO Course from Beginner to Professional!

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